How to start a §1031 Exchange

There are three ways to start a §1031 exchange with Iowa Equity Exchange:

  1. Call us at 800-805-1031 or 515-224-5259 to discuss your circumstances. We provide no-obligation advice on the feasibility for an exchange given your situation. If the situation is warranted, we can obtain the necessary information to get started from you over the phone.

  2. Print out the form on this web site called "Open a New §1031 Exchange", complete it, and fax or email it to us at 888-834-1031 or

  3. Complete the form online called "Open a New 1031 Exchange Online" and submit it through this website.

Regardless of how you choose to start, we promise you the utmost of professionalism in the handling of your exchange.

We urge every taxpayer to review specific transactions and potential tax consequences with his or her personal tax and/or legal advisor. As a Qualified Intermediary in a §1031 transaction, IRC regulations prevent Iowa Equity Exchange from providing tax and/or legal advice.