Financial Security

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What could be more important for a Qualified Intermediary to do than to protect the funds that he holds on behalf of his clients? Nothing, in our opinion.

piggy bank in hands small.jpgProtection of the client's funds is our cornerstone responsibility. Every exchange is its own event. Funds are held in strictly segregated accounts. We do not pool our clients' funds, nor do we commingle funds in any way, shape or manner. Exchange funds are deposited into money market accounts that are 100% liquid at all times. This is critical for you to know so that you can rest assured that your money will be available on the day you need it!

We also offer dual signature accounts for our clients. At the client's option, we can specify that the exchange account requires not only our signature to move funds, but yours as well. This protection is second-to-none and has been known to lead to restful nights for our clients.

You receive monthly statements from the bank showing balance and interest earned. In addition, most of our partner banks provide online viewing access to your account. FDIC logo.jpg

Accounts are protected to the FDIC limit (currently $250,000). For exchange accounts that exceed the FDIC limit, we have several alternatives available for protecting the amount above that limit.

Integrity. Precision. Security. It's not just a slogan.